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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Keey Your Data Close and Your Users Closer

When delivering content and rich media, having the least latency and the highest speed is key to an exceptional end user experience. We’ve partnered with EdgeCast to offer one of the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery networks.

Distribute your content in 24 geographically diverse nodes and shorten the distance it has to travel to get to your end user. Avoid network traffic jams, decrease latency, and optimize the performance of your overall cloud solution.

Pay-as-you-go bandwidth lets you meet user demand without having to pay for underutilized capacity.
Smarter Scaling
Populate and scale nodes based on regional demand and resource usage.
Streamlined tools for managing content and content monetization protects your digital rights.
CDN Pricing
Our service distributes content where it is needed. The first time content is requested, it’s pulled from the host server to the network and stays there for other users to access it. This allows for efficient delivery of content without paying extra storage fees for the CDN. You only pay for the bandwidth used. Use the pricing table and calculator below to estimate your CDN costs.
Features 25 GB 50 GB 250 GB
CDN BandwidthBandwidth Usage Through Normal CDN Server 100/mon. 150/mon. 200/mon. 300/mon.
CDN SSL BandwidthBandwidth Usae Through SSL Enabled CDN Server 150/mon. 200/mon. 250/mon. 400/mon.
The EdgeCast CDN provides 24 content delivery nodes around the world.
Client Area
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